Why the Smartest Women Have the Toughest Time Dating

No one can have everything. That hot guy everyone’s been crushing on since middle school doesn’t use his brain much, the rich kid across your favourite spot in the cafe is going through depression, and the popular semi-perfect Homecoming Queen has really low self esteem. For some unfortunate twist of fate, smart people find it really difficult to find their perfect match. In the awesome book Tao of Dating, Dr. Ali Binazir says that an overwhelming number of dating woes is shared specifically by smart people. The smarter you are, the more clueless you will be.

So, if you’re from any of the Ivy’s, and having an incredibly difficult time finding “the one”, here are a few points that might help you figure out why:

Smart people spent more time on achievements than on relationships when growing up.

Usually, smart kids come from smart families. And smart families usually have accomplished parents who expect nothing less than an A in all of the subjects, a handful of trophies on the shelves and a few awesome titles with your first name. If you come from an achievement-oriented family, you are wired to conquer the territory first before establishing connections. Of course, mastering that Ravel Gaspard, memorizing the almanac, becoming Class President and just being a winner carry some opportunity cost. Building meaningful relationships, senselessly chasing after that boy you knew was trouble and stepping outside of your comfort zone might be a tad bit foreign. If you’re in college and you let this go on, you’ll graduate with the highest honors, work with Google or Apple and compensate the lack of a social life with working harder and building your career. Now, there’s nothing with being a strong independent woman but left untreated, your lopsidedness can go on for decades and you might just lose valuable opportunities to meet the right one.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be spontaneous and just stop overthinking.

Smart people feel that they’re entitled to love because of their achievements.

In all actuality, smart people live a seemingly-meritocratic universe: If they work hard, they get good results (or, in the case of the really smart ones, even if they don’t work hard, they still get good results). Now, good results mean kudos, strokes, positive reinforcement, respect from peers, love from parents. So, they tend to expect that in the romantic arena, the more stuff they do, the more accomplishments and awards they have, the more lovable they are. For some smart people, they have earned their way to get laid, for real. This sense of entitlement may not bring you anywhere, Darling. It might not even get you that goodnight kiss after the first date. What you need to remember is that love is magic and it has nothing to do with how successful you are. Love does not function like Physics or Euclidean Geometry. It is not earned – it’s just freely given, so you don’t need bragging rights and a lot of mental jewellery to have someone actually like you.

You don’t feel like a fully-realized sexual being and therefore don’t act like one.

At some point in your life, you have been labelled as a smart person. From then on, that was your principal identity. You’re the smart one. If you’re part of a clique, you’re the consistent A-student while your other friends are with C’s and D’s. Even if you’re really pretty, if you have a better-looking sibling, you’re still tagged as the smart one, and her, “the Hot One”.

There’s nothing wrong with being labelled the Smart One. Frankly, it’s a huge compliment but when you’ve sort of embraced the identity or when you think no amount of slutty dress or plum lipstick can change your image, you start dressing frumpy and pay less attention to your appearance. Because you think sexuality is not your thing, you’ll never be bothered cultivating your sensuality.

What you need to know is that attracting a partner is all about polarity. Energy flows between positive and negative electrodes, anode and cathode, magnetic north and south. Unless you convey femininity, you’re not going to attract anything or anyone. Bt Darling, you are a sexual being. Deal with it. So, go and perpetuate the race already.

You’re exceptionally talented at getting in the way of your own romantic success.

The problem is your big brain. If you’re in Calculus or Botany or Physics or any of your Engineering subjects, thinking would be useful. But when it comes to love or sex, over thinking, rationalizing and too much analysis ruins the moment. Thank the gods and your primal ancestors, your DNA is wired to perpetuate. You are programmed to reproduce. So no matter how predictable you like things to be, you will have moments of “oh my gosh, did I just do that?” once in a while. Believe it or not, you will notice (and get surprised) at how perfectly you arch your back, flip your hair and bat your lashes when you bump into that hunky Engineering intern. Breathe, darling and let your DNA do the work.

By virtue of being smart, you eliminate most of the planet’s inhabitants as a dating prospect.

Wavelengths matter. We know they do. When you’re smart, educated and successful, it is only common that you seek out a partner who is as (or more) smart, educated and successful as you. It may not be just because you have extremely high standards – which, you may do, by the way; but most of the time, you like to hang out with people with the same wavelength because you share the same interests. Those who talk about Gossip Girl and can’t get Silicon Valley bore you to death, and those who aren’t fascinated by the algorithms in the universe are just too narrow-minded for you.

Intelligence in a partner is pretty much a requirement.

However, by having too many (or too high) standards, you eliminate opportunities, that might bring you that lasting relationship you always dreamed of. So, sometimes, loosen your otherwise stringent criteria and be open. That’s how rom-coms begin, right? Two very different people, from very different worlds, with very different point-of-views, collide and find out that they’re a match made in heaven. Besides, a relationship isn’t about finding the perfect person, it’s about love. You’ll be amazed how you’d be able to find the perfection in an otherwise imperfect partner.

Hey, Nobody’s asking to lower your standards. You should still spend time only with worthwhile company. But take time to see whether your standards are serving you or you’re serving them.…

Why You Should Try Out Speed Dating

Romance is often taken for granted in our, increasingly, hectic world. The myriad of distractions that intersperse our lives grows with time and, sometimes, reaches a point where we’re forced to blot out the other important relationships we have. Love can sometimes take a backseat but surely we can squeeze it in along with the other stuff there, right?

It’s no mystery that speed dating has been a thing since forever and has taken gotten quite a few strange reincarnations over the years. There have been blind-speed dating, no-talking speed dating, phone-speed dating and even online speed dating (that doesn’t involve doing kinky things on video chat).

First though, a brief refresher for those that have remained out of the dating loop for the last decade or so. Speed dating is like a romantic version of musical chairs, with participants taking turns speaking to each other for a brief period of time until they’ve paired up with someone. How it works is that people are organized into two groups and are put into a series of “dates” that briefly last around three to eight minutes with the partners being rotated afterwards until the time that all participants of one group have gotten to speak with the other.
After the event, participants will then submit the names, numbers, and aliases of the partners they meet with whom they are interested in getting the contact information of. There are variants of this with wildly differing number of participants, the gender and even locations (what with the prevalence of online dating today) but what remains constant is the brevity of the encounter between two potential lovers.

Indeed, it is this brevity that makes this romantic option very appealing to the common bachelor or bachelorette. Those of us single people who work long hours for most of the week will know who physically and mentally drained one can get by the time Friday night and the weekend comes along.

Let me tell you, if ever you’re daunted by the idea of speed dating, don’t be. The only trade-off, as others usually point out, is the impersonality of it all, what with the little time you spend with your potential partner. This is non-issue due to the fact that the speed date is akin to you just testing the waters, and you can dive right in afterwards. Now the benefits of choosing to meet your dream-lover during a three-or-so minute conversation are actually quite many and reasonable.

For starters, nobody is really forced into it like the people you’d find in clubs or bar – everyone knows what they’re getting into. You’re looking for someone and they’re looking for someone so that basically takes out of the equation a lot of the awkwardness talking to someone for the first time.

Another plus side to speed dating is exactly the impersonality of it. Got stuck with someone you’re really not that excited about? Just soldier on for a couple minutes more and you’ll never have to deal with them ever again (hopefully!).

Then there’s the ease of it. With no hassle of introductions, the uncomfortable drumming up of confidence to talk to someone you’ve been eying on the bar counter for some time and the lack scheduling and organizational constraints, speed dating just feels less stress-full than a normal night at a club.
Overall, speed dating is not for everyone and is somewhat different from a normal date (although not as different compared to the plethora of other romantic options out there). It is, however, a pretty nice fall-back solution if life’s necessary inconveniences get in the way a little too often but you’re still looking for that special someone.…

What’s the Difference between a Prostitute and an Escort?

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Difference between Escorts & Prostitutes

Difference between Escorts & Prostitutes

To the average citizen in the UK, there is little difference between being an escort and being a prostitute. The reality is that the businesses under both the mentioned areas are quite different. There is a difference between how an escort earns money vs. how prostitutes do so. This article is about letting you know the essential difference between the two kinds of workers.
What is a Prostitute?

Prostitutes earn their money solely for sexual favors. This is legitimate according to the laws in the UK. Workers in this industry never officially advertise because that can put them into legal trouble. Here is the thing: having sex in exchange for money is by all means legitimate. However, there are other activities that surround the business of prostitution, which make for illegal activities. Prostitutes often pick up clients from the side of the road which is very dangerous. A prostitute is defined as a street walker often offering sexual favours on the streets to fund drug habits. This is very different to how a high class escort provides her services.
What is an Escort?

In contrast to prostitution, an escort is officially in a profession. It is accepted as a respectable business and there is a lot of money in it. An escort provides her client with companionship for a defined period.

Now it is true that an escort almost always has sex with her client, but there are cases where this doesn’t happen. There are many businessmen who travel to the UK and are in for a short visit for a few days. They don’t always have somebody with them to give them company. Escorts fill this gap by giving them company with some extra services.

They accompany their clients wherever they go such as for parties and other meetings. It is customary to have a female companion with you as a businessman. Prostitutes, of course, offer no such services to their clients. All sexual activities with clients are considered private and not part of the service. Sex takes place with the mutual consent of both parties and it may be paid for or not. Of course, unofficially, the fee always includes an amount for sexual service.

An escort will never walk the streets looking for business and work is carried out in the privacy of her apartment, the clients place or a hotel.
Other services

There are many duties that escorts have other than providing clients with sexual pleasure. Many clients hire escorts for more than just sex. Escorts can be hired for companionship and a friendly ear to voice problems to almost like an agony aunt. A lot of people cannot talk to their families about their stressful lives and so seing an escort can provide a shoulder to cry on in a time of need.

Escorts are required to be smart and clever, something which isn’t always true of prostitutes. Clients pay escorts to have a really good time when they are with them. Sex is only part of what escorts offer, and this is where prostitutes and escorts differ the most. A prostitute may only engage with her client for a few minutes or hours. However an escort may also accompany her client when he travels.

There are many escorts who even travel abroad with clients under certain conditions. Prostitutes don’t.…