Why You Should Try Out Speed Dating

Romance is often taken for granted in our, increasingly, hectic world. The myriad of distractions that intersperse our lives grows with time and, sometimes, reaches a point where we’re forced to blot out the other important relationships we have. Love can sometimes take a backseat but surely we can squeeze it in along with the other stuff there, right?

It’s no mystery that speed dating has been a thing since forever and has taken gotten quite a few strange reincarnations over the years. There have been blind-speed dating, no-talking speed dating, phone-speed dating and even online speed dating (that doesn’t involve doing kinky things on video chat).

First though, a brief refresher for those that have remained out of the dating loop for the last decade or so. Speed dating is like a romantic version of musical chairs, with participants taking turns speaking to each other for a brief period of time until they’ve paired up with someone. How it works is that people are organized into two groups and are put into a series of “dates” that briefly last around three to eight minutes with the partners being rotated afterwards until the time that all participants of one group have gotten to speak with the other.
After the event, participants will then submit the names, numbers, and aliases of the partners they meet with whom they are interested in getting the contact information of. There are variants of this with wildly differing number of participants, the gender and even locations (what with the prevalence of online dating today) but what remains constant is the brevity of the encounter between two potential lovers.

Indeed, it is this brevity that makes this romantic option very appealing to the common bachelor or bachelorette. Those of us single people who work long hours for most of the week will know who physically and mentally drained one can get by the time Friday night and the weekend comes along.

Let me tell you, if ever you’re daunted by the idea of speed dating, don’t be. The only trade-off, as others usually point out, is the impersonality of it all, what with the little time you spend with your potential partner. This is non-issue due to the fact that the speed date is akin to you just testing the waters, and you can dive right in afterwards. Now the benefits of choosing to meet your dream-lover during a three-or-so minute conversation are actually quite many and reasonable.

For starters, nobody is really forced into it like the people you’d find in clubs or bar – everyone knows what they’re getting into. You’re looking for someone and they’re looking for someone so that basically takes out of the equation a lot of the awkwardness talking to someone for the first time.

Another plus side to speed dating is exactly the impersonality of it. Got stuck with someone you’re really not that excited about? Just soldier on for a couple minutes more and you’ll never have to deal with them ever again (hopefully!).

Then there’s the ease of it. With no hassle of introductions, the uncomfortable drumming up of confidence to talk to someone you’ve been eying on the bar counter for some time and the lack scheduling and organizational constraints, speed dating just feels less stress-full than a normal night at a club.
Overall, speed dating is not for everyone and is somewhat different from a normal date (although not as different compared to the plethora of other romantic options out there). It is, however, a pretty nice fall-back solution if life’s necessary inconveniences get in the way a little too often but you’re still looking for that special someone.